Monday, August 3, 2009

oh dear.

So I cut up a tree this morning. Yeah. We're having an outdoor storage building put in Wednesday so we had to cut some massive limbs off of a tree to get them out of the way. It took all day Saturday to get it cut down and all morning today to cut it up and get it by the side of the road.

After that, there was huge news. We checked the AMP email and it turns out we're supposed to be interviewed for a radio podcast Wednesday! On top of that, we have a band meeting tomorrow, and other stuff going on later in the week. So yeah. I'm like out of it right now I guess. I really really need to get some sleep. Being really excited and really tired at the same time is not a good feeling.

I guess this is one of those times where I just have to sit back, stop trying to run my own life, and let God have the controls. Really I should always let him run my life but so many times I just forget that He's the one that hold my next breath in his hands, and he has a plan for me, and it's all gonna be ok. Times like these are so humbling. It makes me realize how small I am and that I'm God's creature, I was put here for a reason. It's really annoying to me that I can forget Him.
So anyway guys, pray for me, (and the band on Wednesday!), I'm not feeling all that great right now.
I guess I gotta go now. I've got to leave tomorrow at nine for a band meeting!

Thank you guys so much for reading...and for being my friends. I couldn't live without you guys :)

Til next time.