Monday, June 22, 2009

sad but true.

"Sometimes we are more zealous in prayer than in faith."

I was so tired Sunday that I could barely stay awake in church, but of the few things I picked up from the sermon, that quote is one of them.

So nobody tagged me but I'm gonna do this thing anyway:
[The Rules: Answer the following questions on your blog, replace one question that you dislike with a question of your own invention and add one more question of your own.]

If you could live anywhere in any house, where and what would it be? Some 100 year old house in the country.

What are you wearing now? my pajamas

What is on your desk?
My camera bags and some pencils

What would you like to learn to do? drive a jet ski

Name a song you are currently obsessing over: none but I have a lot of them going through my head

What was the last thing you bought? a camera bag

What one item are you currently wanting? a lot...particularly some cymbals and stands

What languages can you speak? English

What is the last book you have read? idk...I started reading Multiple Choice but never finished it

What do you want to be when you grow up? a human

What are your favorite websites? facebook, gmail...blogger...hulu

If you were to pick up a pen right now, what would be the first thing you'd write? "i don't know"

If you you could be anywhere in the world at any point in time, where would you be? IRELAND IN THE SUMMER

If you could be an animal, what would you be? a bird duh they freaking soar

What are you looking forward to in the near future? beach trip!

If you could open up your own store or business, what would it be? idk

Like Christianne, I didn't really dislike any of these so I didn't change them.

Friday, June 19, 2009


I woke up at 3 this morning with a seriously painful stomach. idk where I got it from, I guess it was a virus or something, my sister had the same problem a week or so ago. It was really bad and I couldn't sleep...but thankfully I'm feeling better now. I haven't eaten breakfast and I might not...but we'll see. Hopefully I'm completely better by tonight.

oh and I got my 4 gig memory card woo!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Strangely, I've been really really busy lately. If you've known me long enough you probably know that I'm not usually up to much. But, for the past week or so there's been a lot going on. Saturday (I don't even remember if it was this past Saturday or the one before lol) my mom told me to take everything out of my room, cuz we were gonna paint. So we just finished getting most of that stuff put back in there yesterday. It was all a huge mess in the next room for a while. It looks so good in both rooms now that everything is back where it goes haha.
Here are some before and after pictures. I don't have any good 'before's with the stuff in the room, and I took all the good 'after's after we put the stuff back in. But you can still tell the difference of course...haha

Full view all those if you want to see them in better quality. A lot of them are kinda blurry because the lighting wasn't all that great..
You'll notice that the guitars are all lying around in corners...we haven't gotten anything up on the walls yet, including the guitar hangers, so yeah.

I started writing my first song the other day. All I have is the music and the title, but I'm going to get together with Nathan sometime and he's going to help me with lyrics. He's saying that we might do it with AMP and put it on a record, which would be really cool.

Oh also, I finally got around to painting my old bike again...I found it in a creek last summer, and fixed it up til it was rideable. I started painting it earlier this year but stopped for a while. My grandma encouraged me to finish it so I could take it to the beach in a couple of weeks.
I have a picture of it before it was painted but when I went to take an after picture, my camera lens kept fogging over...I guess cuz it was so humid or something. I'll post pictures of it later though.

So I need to get a camera bag and a big memory card...we're going to the beach on the 27th and we're staying through July 4th and I really don't wanna bring my camera with no bag and room for only 47 pictures.

So that's the yearly update. Until next time! jk


Thursday, June 4, 2009

this week.

Well this week has been interesting...
Monday afternoon Adam and I drove into Charlotte to my uncle's house to house-sit for him. We brought tons of junk food and movies and had a lot of fun lol.
Tuesday and Wednesday we hung out with Nathan and Torie, which was a lot of fun, but we invited a ton of other people but they all either couldn't come or couldn't answer their phones or something. We were supposed to go to frisbee today but it was raining so we didn't. We went to the Sweigart's and put together the amazing studio computer.

So a random thought I had...some people need a lot of encouragement to get through life, others don't. So what I was thinking was, if you don't need a lot of encouragement, is that a good thing? And what if you do? Is that bad?
What do you think?