Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I haven't posted in what a week??
Well anyway, last Friday I had a lot of fun at game night, played plenty of games and socialized and whatnot..the only downside was that Christianne took my lemonade lol jk
Then after that I went to the Elliott's and slept over, then we had the first real movie meeting of the year! and got a lot done.

This saturday is the arts festival.........wow I'm not ready. also this saturday I'm taking the ACT for the second time. Fun fun.

I'm selling my minibike...with the money I plan to by an slr. I'm leaning towards the Canon Rebel XTi (aka 400D).

oh and I'm finally playing some Rachmaninoff. It's a really great and impressive-sounding song haha. I'm really enjoying it.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I need to slooooooooooow down.

yeah I've got like tons of different things that I want to buy and one day I want one thing and one day I want another...I need to just slow down and get organized about it...

anyway...my sister was in the regional spelling bee today and she didn't win...:( then she threw up in the car, so I'm sure she didn't have the best day of her life.

on a lighter note..my paw-paw has informed us that he's gonna give us his violin that he never plays anymore. Which is great cuz it's much better quality than that piece of junk that I destroyed...

Sunday, March 15, 2009


well not much to say here I guess...I had an amazing time doing the lights for wes and nate and everybody. Then we had the best pizza in the world...though hard to eat. If you're one of the people who went in the kitchen to eat some of the leftovers, then you know what I mean haha. Unfortunately my dad didn't want us to stay for youth so we had to leave. but I think we might come to game night on the 27th(?)Oh and of course the performance arts...thingy..whatever it's called. Arts festival? well you know what I mean.

So last week my mom got a ton of old tennis balls for something and adam and I made up a game using them. It's called T H E G A M E and it's quite fun.

How to play it: T H E G A M E has not yet been named, but IT IS AWESOME and every single suggestion is welcome. I'll ignore it, but welcome. It's similar to WALL BALL but better.

To play T H E G A M E, you need at least two people, at least one TENEES ball, and at least one wall.

To begin, one player throws the ball at the ground, bouncing it up to the wall. As it bounces off the wall, the other player must catch it and immediately bounce it back onto the wall. The ball has to hit the ground only once on every throw. If it hits the ground on the way back before the other player catches it, it's a dead ball and the first player gets a point. A player also gets a point if the thrower catches their own ball.

Boundaries depend on the size of the wall. Each side of the wall is as far as the ball can go before being out of bounds. If a ball goes out, it's the other player's ball.

TEAMS: Teams are fine and you can do them in whatever crazy combinations you want. For instance, four people in two-person teams or three people in a FREE-FOR-ALL-EVERY-MAN-FOR-HIMSELF-MELEE. Whatever you want.

It's a plus if you make lots of weird sounds and laugh a lot. That's the main point of T H E G A M E. That and speed. Never slow down. Make up weird crazy stupid moves and scream "SWEET MOVE!" If you get into a real back-and-forth situation, scream "INTENSE!" So that's T H E G A M E. Go play RIGHT NOW.

oh and btw...a TENEES ball is the same as a tennis ball....................

bye now.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

God sure moves in mysterious ways...:)

There's a guy that lives down the street from me that plays the drums, and I went over to his house to ask him for drumsticks cuz I left mine at the Brown's. So not only did he find a pair of sticks for me, he also showed me his kit, and was talking to me about his brand new double bass pedal....and all the while my eye was set on his old double pedal sitting in the floor...
So then I was like "so you're selling the old ones?"
And he's like "yeah, why don't take it home with you and try it out."
So I was like SCORE!! hahaha
so yeah, he's giving me a real good deal on it and I even get a free trial, and he doesn't care how long I take to pay him....


that's all for now folks :)
hope to see ya tomorrow.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

thank you guys.

thank you guys all so much for being my friends :) I was talking to Emily the other day, and we were just talking about this and that, then she suddenly said something about me being closer to God and being more happy recently (I know that sounds lame but I don't want to make an exact quote haha). Then I realized that that's because of you guys. You guys are a real encouragement to me. Thanks.

Well this weekend was amazing. Friday afternoon I went over to the Brown's for an AMP practice with Nathan, Wesley, Eric, Mark, Adam, and Zach, which was really cool, then afterwards Adam and Wes and I went over to Nathan's and played guitar and stuff and sang a little bit, then went and ate at Subway and talked about our driver's ed experiences. It was the best time I've had in a long time, haha.

oh yeah and also I did some more yard work for that lady I raked for last fall...she said that I might be able to get a job with her during the summer cutting grass, which is pretty cool.....

sorry this post seems a little rushed, I gotta go to bed haha.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


I totally forgot how fun snow is haha. I was out there for like an hour...I walked around the 'hood and had a snowball fight with some random people....fun times :)