Thursday, April 30, 2009

*sigh*...I can't make a decision.

so I'm liking the Rebels again. The Rebel XT especially. I like the cameras with two screens, one for review and one for settings status, but the only Rebel that has that (besides the original which I don't want), is the XT. The EOS 30D also has that but I really like the compactness of the's just really frustrating sometimes because I have such a hard time making decisions. I just hope and pray I do the right thing.
Of course, no matter what, it's God's will which is more than comforting to me. So yeah. I guess I'll be happy no matter what. I'm still frustrated though.
however I just figured out that I can just use the URL to follow instead...

okay...I've figured it out It's still annoying though.

aaaaaaaaand now I follow Chelsea's blog with my google friend connect account AND my blogger account. I just made the problem worse.

...Oh well

Mwahahah I fixed it.
The google friend connect thing is basically useless...


I wish Google wasn't buying out everything and making changes. Now I have to sign in to Blogger with my yahoo account (because I signed up with yahoo and now that I have a gmail, it won't let me switch, unless I just make a whole new account and that wouldn't work), and if I want to follow somebody's blog, I have to sign in with my Google account. So now some of the blogs I follow with google don't show up in my little reading list. It's annoying.
I've decided to post more pictures. I'm a photographer yet I barely ever post pictures. That's just wrong :D

Well I went outside yesterday and started taking pictures of myself with the sky as a backdrop. Here's the best one. It's my profile picture.

More later. Hopefully I'll have some up every week.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

live life to the fullest.

Live life to the fullest. Ever heard that before? I’m surprised if you haven’t. Anyway, I’ve been thinking , I haven’t been doing that lately. Part of being a Christian is putting off the rags of the old man and putting on the new man. But I haven’t done that yet. I feel guilty whenever I watch a movie or show with bad language or something in it, when I use inappropriate language myself (even if I’m just saying something ‘sucks’ – it doesn’t have to be a ‘cuss word’. Anything unacceptable should be avoided), or anything like that. I think living life to the fullest is living life as pleasing to God as possible. Which means casting off anything unrighteous, whatever it may be. I’ve broken (almost) every commandment, and I’m forgiven for that. But forgiven doesn’t mean just keep on doing it. It means stop it. When I ‘became’ a Christian, I was happy. By repeating the words of the prayer the pastor said during the invitation, I thought I was born again. I was a Christian. I could participate in the Lord’s supper. I didn’t realize until a while after that that being a Christian is a lot more than saying a prayer. It means you change. You can never put off all the things of the old man, but you can do your best. I haven’t done my best. That’s my goal though. I’m sickened by how un-Christian I can be sometimes. I want to do everything I can to please God, and in everything I do, I hope God will be pleased. Also I think it would be more pleasing to other people. And I think it would make life easier. Nothing should make a person happier than pleasing God.

I hope you could follow all that…it seems a little scattered to me.

I have to quote you on this, Emily :)

"Good things are worth waiting for."


I sold my minibike yesterday :)

I now have enough money to buy one of the cheaper SLRs and it's quite tempting. However I'm still going to wait a while and get a better one. I've talked to my grandpa about it a bit, because he's into photography and has always had a nice camera, and he's trying to get me to buy Nikon...which I knew he would cuz that's what he likes. And they're cheaper so that would be easier...

But anyway, I'm boring you with all this camera stuff, I'm sure lol.
I've been meaning to post something 'deep', or at least something other than 'I did this and this today', cuz I haven't done that in a while, but I can't think of anything right now...whenever I do think of something I can't get to a computer, and then I forget whatever it was I was going to write about. I suppose I could write it down on paper to save it for later...

Well the weather has been amazing these past weeks. I'm really enjoying it, it's really my favorite kind of weather, all sunny and warm...haha

Monday, April 27, 2009


if you wanna see all those pictures full size, just click on them :)


First off, the infamous pig photo. We took this on the way home from the movie meeting Saturday. The people who own the mailbox that the pig is on sell BBQ sauce or something. I don't think they were home because nobody came out and started shooting us when we took the picture haha. jk, but I think they would have at least come out to see what was going on if they were home.

Now some jib pictures:

And lastly, I went out for a walk on Sunday afternoon cuz I couldn't resist the awesome weather haha. I brought my camera along and took some pictures. Here are some of them.

My favorite:

A path:

A landscape:

I found a lot of these out there :)

Another of my favorites:


Some cool trees by the creek:


And lastly...this rather humorous

Well that's it guys. Enjoy!


I owe you guys a really long I'm going to make two. One text and one pictures.

So I've been really busy lately with school and AMP and whatnot. That's why I haven't posted in a while. Also I kinda like long posts every once in a while better than short posts every day haha.
So how do you guys like the new layout? I went with white for the text, because I just like it better.

I'm still working toward getting an SLR. I've decided that it's best to actually move a level up from the Canon Rebels and get an older semi-professional SLR. I'm thinking of the Cnaon EOS 30D:

It's really a better camera than the Rebels, and it'll last longer cuz it's really durable. There's a lot of other factors that led me to go for this camera, but I won't go into the
Also in my quest to find the right first SLR, I found out about this Pentax:

It's quite a beauty to look at, but it lacks a lot of features, and it's just really not what I'm looking for. There are more cons but, once again, I won't go into the details, haha.

Well I finally paid off my double bass pedal. Ah the relief of paying off debt.

I also got a steady job washing my neighbor's car every week, which I'm depending on making up a pretty substantial portion of the money I'll use to buy an SLR.
Also I've got someone interested in my minibike finally...they're coming over tomorrow to see it.

Oh! We had our second movie meeting of the year last Saturday! It was very productive(ful) and fun. We used our jib crane for the first time, which was awesome. The shots we used it for are like ten times more professional-looking than they would have been if we used a tripod or something. I'll have pictures of that in my next post.

Well I think that's about it. I'm really happy right now. This has been a great day.

it fits!!

if you ever need to change your blog header and need it to fit in the border, make it 648 pixels wide.


new title.

I really liked that picture so I was trying to come up with a blog name that went with it, and simply "the road" was the best I came up with. Also, I've been told that my blog seems like a journal, and journals are about people's lives. Thus the subtitle.

I'm working on getting the picture to fit the border around should fit but it won't for some reason...I used to just ditch the borders but I think they look good with the orange background so I'm going to try to keep them this time.

btw, sorry I haven't made a post in so long...I've been really busy. I'll post again soon though.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

the post-every-day thing really isn't working out...

so wow guys, i haven't posted in like 2 weeks or something...that's really sad. I guess it's probably because I usually post on weekends and my weekends have been really busy these past few weeks.
So I'll start with the arts festival weekend.
That friday, I went over to CrossWay for a short practice and to setup the keyboard. then the actual festival on Saturday was amazing. There was a lot of great talent there (I'm still Captivated by Abby Bell's performance :)), and the bands did great. Unfortunately I missed Emily's skit, which I was really anticipating since she wouldn't tell me anything about it haha.
After that there was a basically eventless week. We had spring break...sorta. We still had to a do a little bit of stuff but thank goodness we didn't have to do any Tapestry of Grace stuff. That friday we had another productive band practice at Wesley's.
This week we're cramming a lot of school into one week. We're doing two weeks worth of Tapestry, and so far it isn't working out too well, haha.
Also today Adam and I picked up a friend of ours and we tacked up signs around town cuz we're gonna have a protest on tax day tomorrow. I probably won't attend, since I have school to do, but I'm hoping it'll have an effect...
Oh and yesterday Nathan came over to work on the AMP MySpace, which was a lot of fun, and this Saturday we're going to have yet another band practice, here at my house.

I really enjoy being with the Awake Music Project. Music is one of the biggest things in my life and I'm glad to be producing it to the glory of God. I know that a lot of times, bands started by teenagers like us don't last long, and never make it big, maybe only play one local show. But I really hope and pray that this project will be successful. Largely successful. It would be totally amazing if it was.

Well I guess that's all for now. Thanks for reading, guys.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I don't know why the end of my last post isn't showing's supposed to say:

'These are both about living a non-ordinary life and living life to the fullest for God and being known for it. Which is simply awesome :)'

I got an SLR!

And it's April 1st!

anyway...I've decided, like most everyone else, to follow Emily's advice and post every day possible.
Well today nothing happened. I did school. That's it.

but I do have some cool songs to post! my first time doing this. These two songs both have the same sort of idea.

Addison Road

He sees his life just pass by
Just another number in a suit and tie
No purpose here nothing to give
Is this what it means to really live?
His feet never touch the ground
His days fly by, he can't slow down

Casualties of the American dream
Have we lost our vision
Drifting off and living
Half asleep with a faint heartbeat
Just dying to be revived
I want to be revived

She's screaming out,"I've lost control"
Caught in another undertow
She's only barely hanging on
Been holding her breath for so long
Her feet never touch the ground
She's not sure which way is up or down

Casualties of the American dream
Have we lost our vision
Drifting off and living
Half asleep with a faint heartbeat
Just dying to be revived

I want to be revived
I want to feel alive
And in a world so numb
Don't let me become another
Casualty living in a dream

Casualties of the American dream
Have we lost our vision
Drifting off and living
Half asleep with a faint heartbeat
Just dying to be revived
I want to be revived

I want to be revived

Sanctus Real

What will they say when I'm Gone, in words
That are written in stone?
Under my name, what will they claim
About me?

Oh, I want to leave a legacy to be remembered
More than just a memory that fades away
Because we only, we only get one life

Free me, my hands are tied
I'm so tired of wasting time
These endless inventions steal my
Attention from real life
And when it's done, when it's over...

And will the world see Christ when they
Look at my life?
Oh, will they world see?

MMM, come on, give me, give me, give me real life
And no more, no more, no more wasting time
Because we only, we only get one life

These are both about living a non-ordinary life and living life to the fullest for God and being known for it. Which is simply awesome :)