Saturday, February 28, 2009

i so cannot wait til summer.

It's so hectic with school going on haha! I just want a break...

Well I did good with the piano thing. I got the best ratings possible. That's not saying much, though. It's like really easy haha. Cuz I messed up really bad but I still got that yeah. but I feel bad for having done so because my siblings all got at least one not-so-good rating I think...:(

oh yeah and I bought a new cymbal stand...can't wait for it to come. However, my drum throne randomly broke so I have to get a new one...I've got connections though and I'm pretty sure I can get one for really cheap.
So that's that. I'm really hoping I can hang out with Nate and everybody else tomorrow. We'll see.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm trying to make this week better than last week. Last week I spent way too much time doing nothing...and I took all day to do school almost every day.
So far I'm doing pretty well this week. I had a math test monday, got a 60...a friend of my mom's who was a math major in college came over and helped me out, then I redid the test and got a 95. Which, needless to say, I'm very happy about :D

Nothing much is happening other than that....oh yeah I have to play some songs for judges this friday. Something I do every year and it's a big part of my piano lessons/experience. Pray for me please!

Friday, February 20, 2009


he probably won't read this...but yeah, I have a 17-year-old brother tomorrow. :)

this week...

was horrible. I started off on the wrong foot this week apparently. I spent way too much time procrastinating and thus didn't get my school done until really late pretty much every day up until today. Today was much better. My family left me all here alone so I had peace and quiet for a while. So I got my stuff done today. I finally got to play the drums again (I haven't played them all week) and since I was getting all the week's stress out, I ended up breaking a drumstick, haha. Then I discovered that I had a new almost never used pair of sticks in my drumstick bag. So yeah...they'll last me for a while before they break :D
Anyway, week has taken a sharp turn and now I'm happy again :D

Recently I tend to find myself very thankful...I'm constantly thanking God for stuff. Like for everything.

I think I'm gonna call a lady about a summer job tomorrow...wish me luck :)

oh yeah and my little sister won the spelling bee today! I'm happy for her. I never won it myself, haha.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's been a while...

yeah...I've just been kinda extra busy with school and trying to get that song put together. but I'm still alive :)
Have you noticed? Lately I've been using smilies, like a LOT recently, haha. I guess that's just because I was deprived of them for so long :)
Well recently I kinda decided that I want to learn to drive manual. I don't know why but I do. I want a manual 60's or 70's Beetle. It would rock my socks.

My dad is having back problems again, but I don't really know he's got a really bad cold and there are a lot of employees where he works that he basically has to fire, and he really doesn't feel good about that. He would appreciate your prayers.

Prayer is very comforting through hectic chaotic weeks like this one....I have prayed a lot this week. I'm hoping that the week will get better through the remaining days. So far it looks like today isn't too bad. Yesterday was probably the worst day of this week so far. I woke up late, was doing bad in school, and I had a lot of interruptions, so I ended up having to quit. But while I was doing my math, in the video lesson (which is taught by a Christian guy) the teacher said something that inspired me the rest of that day and today. He was talking about how as Christians our main goal in life is to glorify God and use every opportunity we could (in school, particularly) to learn and develop our God-given brains (he words things a bit odd sometimes...). And then I realized that I haven't been doing that at all. I skip stuff just because it gets late and I don't want to do it anymore. Well I decided to start working harder. Today and for the rest of the week, and ultimately the rest of my high school years, it's my goal to be done at a reasonable time, and if I'm not, then I need to keep going until everything, EVERYTHING, that I'm supposed to have done is done.

Playing for Others Songwriting Competition Entry

Thanks to Emily for writing the lyrics :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


The concert was freakin awesome. I honestly wouldn't have enjoyed it without my friends there enjoying it as well.
I have a ton of great pics, but I'm gonna try to post just a few here, haha. Click on the pics to see them full-size.

The singer from Mile 7:

the annoying guitarist/keys guy from mile 7:

Kimber Rising. good voices but not my cup of tea:

The guy that played guitar for Kimber Rising that looks like Andy Serkis:

Michael from Above the Golden State. He was awesome. Even though it was just him, he was pretty much the best there:

Jason from B429 with the bassist making a funny face in the background:

Jason (at the piano), the drummer, and the bassist playing "Always":

I got some pretty cool pics of Jesse from B429 because I was really close to him:

A bit of the crowd:

I have some videos, but none of them are full songs or anything and they would take forever to load so...that's all for now folks.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

once again, I haven't posted for an entire week.

Was it a week? maybe a little less...
anyway...I WON THE LOLFAST!!!! now I can say lol and rofl and :) and :( and all that good stuff again. w00t.
Well tomorrow I'm finally going to another concert. Ever since that first one I went to, I've tried to go to every other one I heard of, haha. This concert features two of the same bands from the other concert, but oh well, there are some others too. Plus, this time I'm going to remember to bring my camera, haha.
so yeah....I think I don't really haev too much to post here tonight.
Well I can tell you about my week.
I got some different video lessons for my math than the ones I've been using and these are a lot more helpful. That's how I only got 2 wrong that time.
Also, I played a little bit of guitar with a friend earlier this week..I rarely get to do that so that was pretty cool.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009



Sunday, February 1, 2009

woot. I am happy!

Sorry guys! It's been such a long time since I last posted. Okay a week. But still, that's unacceptable. Anyway...last week, I think I pretty much figured out my math, which is great, and even if I haven't got it down just yet, I do have friends offering me some help. thanks you two, I will contact you if ever I am in need of help.

Other than that math stuff, nothing particularly exciting happened last week. Well actually I got some new uke strings. Which is good, because the stock ones were on there for a year.

Also last week I drew a picture. Rarely do I get the urge and collect the patience to draw a good picture but I think I finally did it again last week. Here it is: Un Pianoforte:

and yes I am happy....I am happy...and sleepy...........