Friday, February 26, 2010

post numberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 97.

Well I'm almost to 100 posts, after like 2 years or something haha.
Anyway. I did my second photoshoot today (the first was for Nathan):D Exciting since I might be going into photography for a career. I took some senior pics for Josiah and Marissa Graf. This Saturday I am taking some pictures for my friend Will who is starting a solo music project (check him out: So yeah, fun, awesome stuff :)
Also, I recorded a song! And I actually like it. It is a 2-minute acoustic thing called Open Windows. It was inspired by the beautiful sunny day God gave us yesterday :D You can check it out here:
Let me know what you think! ;)

And here are my favorites of the seniors I took:

Oh and if you want to see them good quality, you'll have to full-view them by clicking on them. Then download them to your computer. If you just full-view them without downloading, they will be like twice the size of your monitor xD

Cheers and peace homedawgs. haha


Hannah said...

Those are some great pics Matt!!

Matt said...

thanks Hannah :D

Chelsey said...

1...awesome photos dude...
2...97? thats kinda sad matt...i dont have gobbs of time either but at least i have over 200 posts :D haha just teasin...and again...great pics!

Matt said...

hahaha thanks Chelsey :D My life just isn't interesting enough to do that many posts xD

morgan said...

I love the pictures.
and congrats on getting to 97 posts! :) what a great achivement lol

Matt said...

hahahha thank you Morgan :)